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Woodflow Logistics

The objective of the company is to bring the all the stakeholders in the Logging industry together. Getting the forest owners, logging gangs, transport operators and the customers to work together to develop circuit routes and maximise loaded running (and minimise empty running) for the benefit of all parties.

The resulting partnership has meant fewer empty loads, fewer empty trucks on the road and smoother transport operations meaning logs are coming off the forestry block more efficiently and getting to the destination on time.

  • Near Miss

    Near Miss is a simple Health & Safety mobile application designed by Dynes Transport allowing staff to record near miss incidents easily.

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  • Milk Hub

    The Milk hub provides a central collection centre for Fonterra tankers to unload and Dynes tankers to load and transport raw milk to the factory.

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  • Blue Direct

    Dynes group have fully embraced technology as it becomes available resulting in better performance, reliability and workflow.

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  • Woodflow Logistics

    Woodflow Logistics was formed to bring all stakeholders together to improve the transport flow in the logging industry.

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