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Peter Dynes


Peter is a young and innovative leader, he is always thinking about the future and coming up with ways to be more efficient and to solve problems for his customers. He has been a driver of innovation using technology and has achieved significant growth by developing electronic systems to capture workflow. There is a iphone in every truck and all our drivers enter their work through the iphone.

Peter’s passion for transport began in his younger years of life, at 15 he was putting in long hours on the family farm. As soon as he gained his truck license he began working full time driving, starting out on night shift carting wood chips and logs, followed with driving curtain-siders, carting milk powder when Fonterra first opened their Edendale factory in 1994.

Peter took over the role of managing the business in 1997 from his parents, Jim and Anita Dynes, and has seen substantial growth of the business amidst significant change in the industry over the last 20 years. “The blue trucks have always been in my blood, at the age of 12, I would spend hours on a Saturday washing Dad’s truck, my reward was the 5 minutes driving it around the yard to the cleaning bay. It was a great way as a kid to understand and appreciate work ethic, I was bought up on hard work and I love that”.

Our business has a good foundation which has been built up over the past forty years. As we look to the future our vision is to have systems, IT and people in place who will improve efficiencies, enabling us to provide the topmost service for our valued clients.”

  • Peter Dynes


    Peter is a young and innovative leader, he is always thinking about the future and coming up with ways to be more efficient and to solve problems for his customers.

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  • Malcolm Payne

    General Manager - Dairy

    Malcolm Payne has been driving trucks for most of his working life and now has the enviable task of managing all of Dynes' drivers and trucks.

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  • Phil Caulton

    General Manager - Forestry

    Phil has recently joined the Dynes family and says of Dynes "they are a classic NZ family owned business which has an outstanding work ethic".

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  • Campbell Gilmour

    Canterbury Manager

    Campbell has been involved in the Transport Industry all his working life, spending a number of years driving before stepping up to management.

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  • Carole Greer

    Financial Controller

    Carole sees Dynes significant locally owned company where the owners are very much in touch with their business and their customers.

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  • Raewyn Henderson

    Health & Safety Compliance Manager

    Raewyn Henderson has been with Dynes for over 10 years and leads and manages Health & Safety for all our companies.

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  • Steve Divers

    Fleet & Workshop Manager

    Stephen enjoys the ongoing challenge of making sure that Dynes “have the right qualified people looking after our assets so that at any time our vehicles are compliant with the vision of being the best at what we do.”

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  • Grant Taylor (Herm)

    Transport Manager - Forestry

    Grant has always loved trucks and remembers as a kid watching big blue Dynes' trucks rolling past. Not surprisingly then Grant has long been involved with the transport industry.

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  • Tony McFarlane

    Operations Manager - Milk

    You could say Tony has been involved with wheels for over two decades, working for a commercial fleet tyre service company prior to joining the team at Dynes.

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  • Allister Marshall

    Transport Manager - Dairy

    From a family that has been involved in the transport industry longer than he can remember, Allister Marshall grew up with diesel in his blood.

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  • Peter Chamberlain

    IT Project Manager

    Peter originally came to Dynes to build a new Dispatch System for the company’s milk tankers, which now forms a key part of operations.

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