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Cadet Scheme

What we're looking for in applicants

Successful applicants might have a class 1 licence, but this isn't necessary. They will ideally be able to drive a manual transmission, but again this isn't necessary. More importantly, they will possess a positive can-do attitude and work well as a member of a team, and on their own. A willingness to learn is a must.

There is a serious shortage of truck drivers and other associated personnel in the transport industry in New Zealand, and the Dynes Cadet Scheme aims to produce some of the highest quality and fully qualified drivers that it can. We want to produce drivers with the right attitude and culture behind them, with a solid background in health and safety, road courtesy, lawful requirements, respect for the fleet and respect for the company, staff, and community.

What you will learn

Des Morris, our full-time Dynes Cadet Scheme Manager will be focused purely on our cadets, working with you to identify and grow skills and qualities that are needed in the industry. You will be trained in all aspects of Dynes operations and work culture including - health and safety, time spent in the workshop, administration, and dispatch. Also you will spend time in the various divisions our drivers are involved in - bulk milk, powder, log cartage, chip, wine/juice and storage.

What you will have to do

Each cadet will be issued with a journal that they will be required to complete weekly, summarising what they have learnt and from whom each week. This journal will be checked regularly and each cadet will meet with their Personal Mentor for half an hour weekly to discuss challenges and what they have learnt.

What you will gain

We aim for each cadet on completion of the Dynes Cadet Scheme to have:

  • Stepped through their licences in a time frame that is appropriate to them. We aim to produce fully qualified drivers, of the highest possible calibre. We offer First Aid Courses and licencing up to Class 5.
  • An ability to assess and identify risks and hazards, as required by the industry and apply safe work practices.
  • The ability to manage themselves as professional, independent drivers; specifically, being able to manage their driving performance, work time and personal presentation.
  • The ability to communicate effectively as part of a team.
  • The skills to produce legible and accurate documentation in accordance with the legal and organisational requirements of the transport sector.
  • Gained knowledge and experience in customer care and customer service skills.
  • The practical knowledge and skills needed to handle, load and unload goods appropriately and safely.
  • Knowledge and ability to safely drive and operate a forklift and safely operate a rigid or Btrain Unit.
  • The ability to show flexibility in their approach to tasks and problems.
  • Knowledge of every operation and aspect of the Dynes company.
  • Gained life skills and personal growth from regular workshops and mentoring.

Dynes know that people are key to our future as a business leader and that is why we invest in our whanau!


At Dynes, we know the importance of taking opportunities and making something great.

If you have a great attitude and are keen to learn, contact us today. Call the Dynes Cadet Scheme on 03 478 8018 or fill out the form below to shoot through your details.

You can get your future going places with us.