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Delivering Innovation New Zealand Wide

Dynes Group

Dynes group operate as shareholders and partners with many well-known companies throughout New Zealand. These relationships have been built over many years and are built on a strong foundation of trust and common goals.

Working collaboratively means Dynes group is able to provide the right resources required for any job, resulting in better service and cost savings to the end user and continued improvement of standards in all aspects - from safety to efficiency.

The wider family

Dynes is a family owned and operated business and this prevades everything they do, ensuring decisions are made with the wider picture in mind and always with a view to the future.

Working closely with other companies and clients to achieve the very best result has always been key to Dynes' success. By pooling resources and tapping into this broader knowledge base Dynes group are able to find the best solution to even the most challenging logistics problem.

Dunedin Carrying Co. Ltd

Supporting industry in the South Island for over 50 years, Dunedin Carrying Company Ltd is focused on providing the best possible service to customers. Individual responsibility and accountability of employees is paramount and Dunedin Carrying Company have strict quality management guidelines and are able to undertake all transport requirements.

With over 80 staff Dunedin Carrying Company Ltd is one of the largest transport companies of its type in the South Island. Our staff are specifically trained and qualified for the jobs that they undertake.

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Icon Logistics Limited

Icon Logistics is Otago’s largest container transport and logistics company. Proudly locally owned and operated, our services extend from our Dunedin base to anywhere in the Otago region, and beyond by arrangement, to meet customer requirements.

Icon Logistics are a Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) approved Transitional Facility, also holding licences by Customs for storage of goods under bond. Icon use the latest information technology to organise, track and deliver world-class integrated logistics services to a wide range of customers - big and small, commercial and private.

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Bulk Liquid Solutions Ltd

Bulk Liquid Solutions developed bulk liquid temporary storage and transfer stations which provide a central point for largely milk transfer between smaller milk tankers and larger bulk transport tankers. This allows for more efficient use of resources and effectively reduces the number of trucks on the road.

Woodflow Logistics Limited

Woodflow Logistics Ltd was formed in 2012 to improve the transport flow in the logging industry. The objective of the company is to bring the all the stakeholders in the Logging industry together. Getting the forest owners, logging gangs, transport operators and the customers to work together to develop circuit routes and maximise loaded running (and minimise empty running) for the benefit of all parties.

NFA Holdings Limited

NFA Holdings Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Dynes Transport Tapanui Ltd and established in 2010 to handle and marshall logs to shipside for two prominent forestry companies from Port Dunedin (inner harbour). This involves the use of state of the art IT systems both in inventory control and integrated systems with centralised trucking dispatch to ensure the efficient use of supply chain resources.

NFA has an experienced team who pride themselves on providing their customers with a safe, solution based service within the Port Operations industry.

CIP Services NZ Ltd

CIP Services provide self contained, fully portable CIP (cleaning in place) machines for use onsite where hygiene is critical. These are primarily used to clean milk transport tankers, silos and rail transport without the need to dismantle the plant.

TD Logistics Ltd