Dynes has built a strong enduring relationship with the dairy industry, transporting bulk milk between dairy companies for processing and carting milk products to ports throughout New Zealand for export to the world.

Dynes has been involved in the dairy industry since 1994 when we started with cheese cartage out of Southland into Otago for export and the first tanker work in 1999. Over the decades, Dynes has built a reputation with a number of dairy companies and now covers all of New Zealand with our dairy cartage, with both tankers and curtain side units.

Working in partnership with dairy customers has seen Dynes develop better procedures, equipment and technology to ensure real-time reporting and enable the full tracking of products from farm to the consumer that is important to the food industry.

Our dairy division, like all divisions within Dynes, has a high level of health and safety, compliance, and values. Dynes' focus on innovation means the business has been instrumental in implementing several solutions to our customers.

We offer a national network, improved process, and technology to our customers, which means Dynes meets customers’ needs when it comes to milk collection and finished dry goods logistics.