At Dynes, we offer state of the art transport solutions for both bulk wine and harvest.

Dynes provides the same premium solutions to the viticulture industry. We have a number of state-of-the-art purpose-built tankers for wine cartage that can be seen as far South as Central Otago and as far North as Auckland. Dynes is currently carting some of the world’s best finished wines, in the millions of litres annually.

We have a number of purpose-built units for transporting grapes, along with a strong contractor base to help with the grapes over the harvest period from vineyard to winery. You will see Dynes units operating over harvest throughout the Hawkes Bay and Marlborough.

Our ongoing research and development bring innovation to the industry. Along with the ability to measure and report, we have a strong focus on health and safety along with compliance for our customers. We are supported with our own in-house company for the cleaning of our tankers to food grade standards with a number of Clean-In-Place (CIP) stations throughout New Zealand meaning we drive past not drive to a CIP. 

Offering a strong, specific fleet and a 24/7 workforce, Dynes is well placed to help our viticulture customers transport world-leading wine and grapes across New Zealand.

Supporting New Zealand’s award-winning wine industry.