Water Delivered

Water Delivered

Why choose Dynes as your home water delivery service?

Dynes offers affordable potable drinking water, suitable for domestic use. The water is purchased from Dunedin City Council and has been filtered and treated to ensure complete safety for all domestic uses. Dynes is a registered NZ water carrier with the Ministry of Health and regularly carts water, and has for many years, for the DCC. 

Call Ben today on 03 478 8314 to arrange delivery.

What size is the Dynes water tanker for delivery?

We deliver 10,000 Litres to 30,000 litres with a truck and trailer unit, this means you can get a larger amount of water and more water across fewer trips means a saving for you.

Do you deliver water on weekends?

Dynes offers household water delivery, with call-outs available on Saturdays and Sundays, with staff working 24/7 just in case of emergencies. Keep in mind, after-hours fees apply. 

We offer water delivery near you. 

We deliver potable household water to the following areas in Dunedin and Otago: 

  • Ranfurly, Palmerston and Middlemarch
  • Waikouaiti, Warrington and Waitati
  • Mosgiel and Outram
  • Macandrew Bay, Portobello and the Otago Peninsula
  • Waihola and Milton
  • Brighton and Taieri Mouth

Not sure about drinking water delivery to your area or address? Get in touch with us by filling in the form below or call Ben on 03 478 8314.

Need to fill up your rainwater tanks? Get water delivered to your home.

You shouldn’t wait until your household water tank has run out before ordering water. Running your water pumps on dry can cause untold and unwanted damage, resulting in costly expenses and at worst, full pump replacement. It can cause your system to need a full flush, wasting valuable water and it can stir up the bottom layers of your tank, disturbing bacteria and causing issues with your system. We advise you to not delay, keep an eye on your rainwater tanks, regularly check your float is working, and get in touch before it gets too low.

How much water does the average Otago household use?

It can depend on the household, families that have children or babies are likely to use more water with frequent washing, bathing, and dishes, etc. The average New Zealand family uses between 250-300 litres of water per person, per day. 

Get water delivered by Dynes.

Fill in the form to order household water or call Ben on 03 478 8314 or email water@dynes.co.nz for a competitive quote. 

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