Dynes Safety Vision

At Dynes, health and safety success is an environment where our approach to safety is to deliver simplistic safety solutions to our people that truly meet their needs, not others. Our safety method is in a language our people understand. Dynes works hard to ensure our health and safety message resonates with our team and in all that we do.

The Peoples Safety Council

At Dynes, we have a Peoples Safety Council, which provides us with the opportunity to make meaningful safety changes. The Peoples Council is made up of workers who represent staff from various regions across the country. It is independently chaired by Wiremu Edmonds and meetings are held quarterly. The Peoples Safety Council empowers our people to take charge, have a voice, raise their safety concerns, and make meaningful change through safety action plans.

Supporting our staff with Health & Safety 

We have a team of good, hardworking people, with solid family values. We believe if we are to succeed in safety, our people must lead the way. Supporting our staff to take responsibility for their actions and supporting them with the systems, language, and procedures to take make the right decision.

With any work situation, health and safety should be the norm. Our team have health and safety at the forefront of their decision making, leading them to think before they act, in a safe and sensible way. We want our younger team members guided by those older and more experienced, teaching them the right way forward.