Dynes Transport are a sponsorship partner of True Colours

Dynes Transport are a sponsorship partner of True Colours
9th January 2022

True Colours is an invaluable service for whānau and community in the Waikato region. True Colours supports families impacted by a child’s serious health condition. They support children and families through the difficulties and grief of a chronic, life limiting or life-threatening illness.

They support whānau with:

  • Counselling for the family
  • Specialist clinical and emotional support at the time of diagnosis
  • Support at home, in hospital or at the True Colours house
  • Therapeutic modalities such as play, music and art therapy
  • Advocate and facilitate on the behalf of families with agencies and health professionals
  • Bereavement support

Dynes Transport cares deeply about our people and the New Zealand community. Family is a big part of our business and Dynes Transport is a family-owned company from Tapanui, West Otago.

We think True Colours provides an invaluable service for families and the community. Simply read some of their family stories and you’ll see the immense journeys these families go on and how True Colours helps and supports them through such turbulent times. Their service is truly amazing and provides critical support. We’re extremely proud to be providing ongoing support for such a fantastic service.