Dynes Transport uses Electronic Logbooks

Dynes Transport uses Electronic Logbooks
15th December 2021

At Dynes, health and safety success is an environment where our approach is to deliver simplistic safety solutions to our people that truly meet their needs, not ours. That’s why we’ve implemented a simple and easy to use electronic logbook system for all our drivers. 

We have been early adopters of electronic logbooks and 100% of our team have taken on the challenge and switched to using the EROAD system. Having a work culture that isn’t afraid to make a change and that takes health and safety, and fatigue management very seriously has helped bring everyone in the Dynes team across to using EROAD.

Having a system that makes driver safety a little bit simpler also helped bring all the team across. EROAD makes it simple for drivers to log their day and more importantly, their breaks. Taking adequate rest breaks is critical for a driver to prevent driver fatigue to ensure they’re safer on our roads.

At the start of each day, our drivers sign in and they can log three things – being on duty, driving or resting. Using the EROAD system helps to ensure drivers stick to work-time rest requirements. In general, drivers must take a break of at least 30 minutes every 5.5 hours. In any cumulative workday, they can work a maximum of 13 hours. 

The EROAD system helps make driver logbook entries easier, with features such as automated GPS location entry and tracking. Time and date fields are often automatically filled in, to make recording entries easier, plus registration numbers are pre-populated. Even if you’re outside of network coverage, which can be the case on NZ roads, what you log will automatically update once back within network coverage. All this means its easier for our drivers to meet safety standards and record their day.

Dynes Transport are one of the few nationwide transport companies that successfully implemented electronic logbooks across all our drivers. In doing so, it’s made it easier for our team to keep track of safer driving practices such as allowing adequate times for breaks and keeping track of driving hours. While also being a legal requirement, utilising the EROAD system allows our health and safety systems to be easier and more accessible. By utilising this innovative technology across our entire team of drivers, Dynes Transport provides a level of responsiveness and efficiency that excels.