Forward-facing cameras are in place across the Dynes fleet

Forward-facing cameras are in place across the Dynes fleet
24th January 2022

The team at Dynes Transport are leaders in innovation and value safety within the workplace and on the road. That’s why we’ve been at the forefront of driver technology and have forward-facing cameras across our fleet that integrate safety features. 

Our forward-facing cameras are always recording what’s happening out of the windscreen and assessing our drivers for fatigue. This footage has been valuable for supplying the authorities with clear (licence plate readable) videos of dangerous drivers, helping to keep kiwi roads safer for all users.

By providing video footage, any insurance claims are faster and more efficient and allows the root cause to be identified. When it comes to insurance or accidents, Dynes Transport is straight-up and provides forward-facing video footage, helping us get our vehicles back on the road quicker. This means less downtime for our fleet and more certainty around who is at fault. 

We’re fussy about the quality of our cameras too, to give the best outcomes we can for our drivers and health and safety staff. We’re on at least our third iteration of forward-facing cameras, always looking for the clearest, highest quality definition video and ease of use for our drivers. We’re currently using the EROAD Clarity forward-facing dashcams.

All forward-facing video footage is assessed by our dedicated Dynes safety team. Whether automated, when a high G force situation is recorded (i.e. in the unfortunate event of a crash or harsh braking event) or when a driver volunteers a video by pressing a button after a near-miss event. 

We like to make health and safety successful by delivering simple safety solutions to our team that truly meet their needs. Having forward-facing cameras in operation for our drivers at all times is reassuring for our drivers as they know any dangerous road users or incidences will be recorded. Having simple safety solutions is what makes health and safety part of our everyday.