Growing the Next Generation of Truck Drivers

Growing the Next Generation of Truck Drivers
31st January 2022

As we prepare for an outbreak of Omicron, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for essential workers and supply chains within New Zealand. As a leader in the transport industry, Dynes Transport is always thinking ahead. We know that we need solutions now to an upcoming shortage of truck drivers.

That’s why Dynes Transport has the Dynes Academy. The Dynes Academy helps young people, or anyone looking to switch careers, to easily transition to working in the transport industry. Our dedicated team is there to mentor and train hard-working kiwis to become the best in the transport industry.

When someone joins the Dynes Academy, they become a part of the Dynes whānau and get to experience a wide range of the transport industry learning about bulk milk, milk powder, log cartage, chip, wine or juice and storage. Along with the latest in tech, health and safety and regulation, they gain key life skills around communication, presentation, working independently and as part of the Dynes team.

We aim to make them great drivers within the industry. They’re mentored one-on-one and while they work hard, they have a lot of fun doing it! They learn more than just how to drive a truck, taking on a workplace first aid course, their forklift licence, and a number of driving endorsements such as dangerous goods. 

With this mentorship and regular workshops they gain a wide range of life skills that put them in good stead to be an asset to the transport industry, when we really need them. For those over 25, the accelerator programme can take around 18 months to complete, while for those under 18, it takes a minimum of 30 months. Those under 18 can be introduced to the programme through school workdays, creating a great system for transitioning school leavers into full-time employment. 

With kiwis realising just how important the transport industry is to the supply chain in our country, it’s rewarding to be taking the initiative, thinking forward and ensuring New Zealand has more good-quality truck drivers joining the industry. These people will play a pivotal role in supporting the future of the transport industry.