The Dynes Peoples Council

The Dynes Peoples Council
17th December 2021

At Dynes, the Peoples Safety Council provides an opportunity to make meaningful safety changes. The Peoples Council is made up of workers who represent staff from various regions across the country. 

At their regular meetings, they discuss health and safety policy within Dynes and anything that needs to be reviewed and addressed. From something small to something large, it gives people within Dynes the power to take charge, have a voice and raise any safety concerns. This is Dynes way of stepping outside the square. It bridges the gap between front line workers and leaders within Dynes.

In this way, the Peoples Council can make meaningful change through safety action plans. 

The council is designed to be:

  • A voice for the people around safety matters and concerns
  • A source of the truth/pulse of our culture
  • Tasked with simplifying safety
  • Reviewing safety policies & procedures, recommending changes
  • Reviewing new technology
  • Reviewing safety KPI’s and setting goals to improve our safety performance

A note from Matt Horan about the Dynes Peoples Council

In 2019, we made the decision to have a complete reset and change around how we approach Safety. As a leadership team, we had reached the conclusion that following traditional approaches to safety would only fail our people. These approaches tend to deliver over-engineered systems, processes, and language that in our opinion would deny our people the chance to think for themselves and take accountability. 

We therefore decided to set off on a new journey to simplify and redefine what good looks like in the safety space. Our first step on this journey was to establish a meaningful connection with our people so that we could gain a deeper understanding around the issues impacting our family and the solutions our people believe need to be deployed to improve safety within our workplace. As result of much thinking and reflection we decided to establish the Peoples Council

The Peoples Council provides an opportunity to make meaningful safety changes. The Council is made up of workers who represent staff from various regions across the country. They meet monthly (at the moment in a virtual face-to-face meeting over Teams). Managers can only attend Council meetings by invitation and the Council is involved in all safety matters that impact our people. The concept has been a great success with meaningful topics tackled like fatigue, and health and wellbeing. The Council is truly the heart of our business now and we are excited for what the future holds.

- Dynes Group CEO, Matt Horan